Chris has worked hard to give men somewhere to do DIY

Hadyn Davies, Chris Davage, Ron Russell and Ken Ford outside the Men's Shed
Hadyn Davies, Chris Davage, Ron Russell and Ken Ford outside the Men's Shed
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Setting up a club to give men somewhere to do their hobbies is why Chris Davage is this week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winner.

The 67-year-old is helping refurbish an old building in Cowplain into a work space for men to do woodwork, metal work or just have a cup of tea.

The plans for the club, which will be a Men’s Shed club, started around six months ago when Chris’s son suggested he start the club up.

Chris, from Waterlooville, says: ‘I had never heard of a Men’s Shed club.

‘But I looked it up on the Internet and saw that there was one in Gosport. I went along and saw what sort of things they do.

‘I had a good chat and decided it was something I wanted to do so I started looking for a location.’

Chris settled for an old building near Cowplain Activity Centre, on Padnell Road. But it needed a lot of work done.

Chris adds: ‘We have got around 20 members at the club now and everyone has come along to help with the refurbishment.

‘We will have several rooms in which there will be different machinery so people can do different DIY.

‘That’s all we are, just men who like doing DIY.’

Chris was nominated for the We Can Do It T-shirt by friend and fellow club member Ron Russell.

He says: ‘Chris has set this up all on his own. He found the location and has got people together to help out.’

The building is still being worked on and is expected to be open in the near future.