Cockerel owner is taken to court as bird wakes village

UPSET Helen Rogers and her rare breed cockerel Henry '''''            Picture: Allan Hutchings (141116-087)
UPSET Helen Rogers and her rare breed cockerel Henry ''''' Picture: Allan Hutchings (141116-087)

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ACTION is being taken by a council against a woman over her noisy cockerel, which they say is keeping a village awake.

Helen Rogers says she is a breeder of rare cockerels, chickens and ducks and cannot understand why people have complained about the noise considering they live in the countryside.

But other residents of Hambledon say their lives have been made a misery by the crowing from the birds on land off Church Lane, Hambledon – previously known as St Peter’s Farm.

Last year a noise abatement order was served on Mrs Rogers, whose family own the land, by Winchester City Council.

But neighbours say the crowing continued through the night and now Mrs Rogers, who lives in Chichester, must appear before Fareham Magistrates on Thursday to answer three breaches of the noise abatement notice.

Mrs Rogers, 57, said: ‘I breed rare chickens and ducks and sell them.

‘I was asked to put the cockerel in closed quarters in a darkened room and not to let him out until 9am.

‘I have been doing that. It’s not nice to be taken to court over something like this. I’m not the only person who has chickens or ducks around the village. How do they know the noise is coming from mine?’

It is not the first time the field has been subject to enforcement action.

Winchester City Council took action over the family setting up home in caravans on the site in 2009.

They appealed to the planning inspector but were overruled and had to move.

This week the planning inspector also rejected an appeal by the family over the council’s decision to refuse to allow them to use the field as a storage site for tools and equipment.

They were also barred from storing vehicles and trailers on hard standings and the manufacture of caravans.

They must move everything off the site accept the horses and birds.

Councillor Tony Coates, who represents the village at Winchester, said the noise ‘has been annoying half the village.’

And Caroline Dibden, vice chairwoman of Hambledon Parish Council, said: ‘It is a particularly noisy cockerel and wakes people up very early in the morning. Our single biggest attended parish council meetings are when St Peter’s Farm is on the agenda.

‘This particular issue is a real problem because it affects a lot of people.

‘We are also very pleased with the latest inspector’s decision which is in support of Winchester City Council.’