Conman 'cop' jailed over 'sex acts' blackmail

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A conman who posed as a police officer to blackmail gay men looking for sex has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Lee Creamer targeted Portsdown Hill where gay men are known to meet.

Some of his victims were married men who handed over hundreds of pounds to avoid being found out.

Sarah Browne, prosecuting, told Portsmouth Crown Court: 'The offences involved the targeting of single men on Portsdown Hill, a well-known cruising site for gay men in the Portsmouth area.

'On each occasion the defendant would approach the single men at the site and engage them in conversation.

'The victim would be encouraged to respond to the approach, at which point the defendant would tell the victim that he was a police officer and that the victim had committed a public protection offence and that he would be arrested unless he paid the defendant an on-the-spot fine.'

Police eventually caught him after a complaint from a man walking his dog who had been approached by Creamer.

Officers put out posters and leaflets and managed to track down the victims.

Jailing him, Judge Peter Henry told Creamer: 'The people you were targeting undoubtedly would have been in that frame of mind where they weren't going to think straight.

'You were relying on the fact that they were going to panic and pay the money.'

Sam Brown, defending, said Creamer had a 300-a-day cocaine habit and needed the money to pay off a drug debt, adding: 'He was not, in any way, homophobic.

'It's important that, whilst he accepts he played a part in crimes that used people's sexuality against them, he himself does not, and has never, held views of that kind.'

Creamer, 26, of Prospect Lane, Havant, had previously pleaded guilty to three charges of blackmail and one of impersonating a police officer.

Detective Constable Graham Gray, from Portsmouth CID, said: 'We welcome this sentence.

'It sends out a message that we are not going to stand by and let the gay community be targeted.

'If anybody else has been a victim of this kind of incident contact us with any information.'


June 7: Creamer talked to a man on Portsdown Hill. Creamer threatened to arrest him if he didn't pay a 300 fine and 120 in 'public protection' money. He drove the victim to a cash machine and the man handed over the cash.

June 14: A man was urinating in bushes when Creamer approached him. Again, he demanded 420, but suspecting something was wrong the victim told him to arrest him. Creamer said he would let him off with a warning.

June 15: Creamer asked a man if he was married, then said he was a police officer and was going to arrest him. On the way to the victim's home in a taxi, Creamer received a phone call which he said was his sergeant telling him that the victim had been in trouble before and would have to pay an extra 300, which he did. He ended up paying 720 in total.