11-year-old tried to poison her mum after school row

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AN 11-year-old girl tried to poison her mum after a row, a court heard.

After an argument, the youngster put five of her mother’s antidepressant tablets into a coffee.

When the woman drank it, she ended up vomiting, magistrates were told.

The mother had said she had seen similar symptoms in the family dog, which she suspected were due to her daughter and she confronted her.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted she had spiked the coffee and given the dog some of the tablets.

Magistrates were told there was a second occasion, when following an argument over whether the girl would be taking part in sport at school, she put a three tablets into a bottle of wine being shared by her mother and her partner.

The partner did not drink the glass poured for him and the mother drank both.

This made her ill once more and when confronted, the girl admitted putting tablets into the drink.

The mum called police and the girl was taken into care.

The girl’s defence solicitor told the court she does not respond well to discipline and had suffered horrendous domestic violence since the age of two.

The mother and daughter are both in a domestic violence program after suffering violence at the hands of her father.

The girl’s defence solicitor said that she did not mean to kill her mother, just to make her slightly ill. When asked by the chairman of the magistrates if she had anything to say, the girl sobbed and said: ‘I just want to go home.’

The case was heard at Fareham Magistrates’ Court.

The girl pleaded guilty to unlawfully and maliciously administering a poison or other destructive or noxious thing, with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy.

The offence happened in May, while the girl was living in Portsmouth.

Magistrates referred the girl to the South East Hampshire youth offender panel for one year and made no application for costs.