Addict in human rights case is jailed

Police release images of items relating to burglaries in Fareham and Gosport. Credit: Hampshire Constabulary.

Police want to trace owners of items stolen in Gosport and Fareham burglaries

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A DRUG addict who failed to stop his flat being repossessed on human rights grounds has been locked up for theft.

Terry Miller, of Gibraltar Close in Fareham, was jailed for 12 weeks after admitting two counts of theft when he appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

The 30-year-old confessed to stealing £35 of meat from Co-op and £37 of lamb from Waitrose, both in Gosport, with Melanie Pocock.

The bench sentenced him to six weeks for each offence because of his long history of offending.

Pocock, 27, of Ham Lane in Gosport, was sentenced to four months in jail, suspended for a year, for her role in the thefts.

As reported yesterday, Fareham Borough Council won its case against Miller at the Court of Appeal.

Miller’s defence claimed that repossession of the flat breached his right to a private life, and he had been ‘exploited’ by others.

Three appeal judges disagreed with his defence.

During the hearing the flat was described as ‘a running sore of criminal behaviour’.