Anger after cars’ tyres are slashed outside homes

Beryton Road, Gosport, where some of the vandalism attacks took palce
Beryton Road, Gosport, where some of the vandalism attacks took palce
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Even though George V proclaimed all German titles were to be given up by his family a century ago (July 17 1917), there is still physical evidence in our city of the Germanic royal house that once existed. Two commemoration stones relating to members of the royal house previous to the House of Windsor are so readily a part of the fabric of our daily lives but are probably in the most part overlooked.

A walk along Queen Street and on the corner with Aylward Street will present a building with a foundation stone that was laid by HRH Princess Henry of Battenberg in 1912. This was the married title of Queen Victoria's daughter Beatrice which was relinquished on 14 July 1917. From 17 July 1917 she was known as HRH the Princess Beatrice.

A visit to Sainsburys foyer in Commercial Road will provide the opportunity to see a commemoration stone for the opening of the Child's Ward of the Royal Hospital in 1909 by HH Princess Victoria of Schleswig

Four arrested after police crackdown in Commercial Road

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A SPATE of tyre slashings and criminal damage to cars has angered Gosport motorists.

Police believe more than 26 cars have been had their tyres slashed or punctured, and at least four have been keyed or scratched since January 10. One victim, Debra Burt, 25, said her family car was attacked overnight when it was parked on the drive outside her house in Beryton Road.

It’s really disgraceful. All these people down here work really hard and there’s no need for it.

Paula McAuley

She said the damage was frustrating and annoying.

She said: ‘We had one tyre slashed. My other half left for work and then drove away before realising it, so he had to leave the car by the side of the road and get the bus.’

Ms Burt added: ‘We’ve got three kids and at this time of year you don’t have the money.

‘Some people just need to grow up.’

The attacks have happened overnight in Forton and Elson wards in roads including Beryton Road, Graham Road and Avery Lane.

Police have arrested a 48-year-old Gosport man in connection with the attacks. He has been released on bail without charge until May 18.

Elson ward councillor Susan Ballard said two tyres on a car owned by her son, George Ballard, were slashed one night when it was parked in Torquay Avenue.

Cllr Ballard said she had been worried about her own car being attacked.

She said: ‘I’m well aware of the impact that this vandalism can cause, which has caused a great deal of worry for many local residents.’

Graham Road resident Paula McAuley, 45, said several of her neighbours’ cars were attacked.

She said: ‘It’s really disgraceful. All these people down here work really hard and there’s no need for it.’

Beryton Road resident David Bale, 67, said: ‘I don’t drive myself. It’s a concern that vandals are in the area. It’s normally very quiet.’

Another victim, who did not want to be named, said: ‘It’s frustrating. People don’t have the money. It’s just the way society is today.’

A police spokesman said anyone who knows anything or whose car has been attacked should call 101 quoting 44160043236.

He said: ‘We are keen to hear from anyone who hasn’t reported an instance of this. If they let us know we can get a complete picture of what is happening in the area.’