Archie the parrot back home after adventure

FUGITIVE Archie up a tree
FUGITIVE Archie up a tree

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RESIDENTS helped reunite a pet parrot with its owners after five days in the wild.

Archie, a 15-year-old African grey parrot, seized the chance to escape when owner Hayleigh Ferguson left her conservatory door open.

Her distraught children took to the streets with posters in an attempt to find out where their beloved pet had gone.

Hayleigh said: ‘My children were quite upset when we’d found out he’d gone.

‘They walked with me everywhere to put flyers up in shop windows and through people’s doors because they were desperate to get him back.

‘Archie has never gone away before.

‘Usually he can’t even fly, he just dive-bombs to the ground.’

Archie escaped from the house in Sedgeley Grove, Gosport, on March 19.

Days later Hayleigh received a call from a neighbour who had seen the wayward parrot hiding in a tree in her back garden.

The 35-year-old added: ‘The lady kindly let us leave the cage in her garden to see if we could coax him back down but he stayed in the tree.

‘He stayed there for two days.

‘Later one night there was a mighty noise and we went back to find he was being attacked by a crow. When he flew off and perched on a fence we just grabbed him.

‘It was quite late at night so it was a nice surprise for the kids who were asleep.

‘They were extremely happy to have him back.’