Argument leads to police being called to Portsmouth library

Images of a man police would like to speak to in connection with robbery of a co-op store in London Road on Saturday, February 25.

CCTV images released after pickaxe robbery in North End Co-op store

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POLICE were called after a boy walked into a library and began verbally abusing staff and members of the public.

Staff at Portsmouth Central Library raised the alarm after the boy began started shouting at about 4.30pm yesterday.

As police officers arrived the boy then got into an argument with another boy and they were both ordered to leave.

One of the boys got into a taxi outside and left.

No action was taken against either of them.

A spokesman from Hampshire Constabulary’s control room said: ‘It is unclear whether the first male had walked in specifically to confront the other one.

‘Both were told to go on there way and one of them got into a taxi.

‘We stayed for less than five minutes.’

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