Bangle returned to owner

Chief Inspector Sharon Woolrich

Senior police officer hits out at ‘irresponsible’ drivers after 320 thefts from vehicles

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POLICE in Petersfield were able to reunite an owner with her lost jewellery just before Christmas following a media appeal.

The valuable bangle, necklace and ring were handed into a police station on October 30 after they were found outside the Folly Market in Petersfield.

Police made an appeal to locate the owner of the valuables at the beginning of December.

The appeal was then heard on the radio by a friend of the woman from the Petersfield area.

Sergeant Phil Shore, from Petersfield police station, said: ‘The owner lives in Cumbria and lost the items while she was in the area visiting friends.

‘Before returning to Cumbria she told her friends and family about the loss.

‘It was one of these friends who heard the appeal leading to an early Christmas present for the owner.’