Bikes, trainers and cables stolen from Hampshire police stations

Bikes were among the items stolen from police stations.
Bikes were among the items stolen from police stations.
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BIKES, trainers, a plastic bucket, scrap cables and eight Nurofen tablets.

Those are just some of the items that have been reported stolen from police stations across the area.

The information was released after The News put in a Freedom of Information request to Hampshire police.

Between 2012 and 2014 there were 11 reported thefts from Portsmouth Central, Gosport and Fareham police stations – both inside and from car parks.

Bikes proved to be the item stolen the most from stations, with four taken over the period. One worth £100 was stolen from the car park at Gosport station in 2012 and another worth £800 was taken from the same place in 2013.

Another bike worth £900 was stolen from Fareham police station’s car park in 2013 and a police push bike was stolen two years earlier outside Fareham station in 2011.

A cycle light was also stolen this year from Fareham.

Some of the more unusual items include a commemorative badge – worth £2.50 – stolen from Fareham in 2013, and a heart rate monitor and heart rate strap stolen from inside Gosport station between 2012 and 2013.

A plastic bucket with scrap cables worth £40 was taken from Fareham station in 2011.

And the theft of eight Nurofen tablets – worth £2.50 – was reported from within the station in 2013.

Other items that were stolen from within custody include a pair of trainers worth £85 from Portsmouth Central in 2011 and a hat and coat stolen from the same place in 2013.

A Hampshire police spokeswoman said all thefts are investigated.

She said: ‘Reports of theft, wherever they occur, are recorded and investigated appropriately.

‘Police stations do have security measures in place, such as CCTV inside and outside in police yards, which would be used as part of the investigation if required.’