‘Boy was lured to paedophiles’ home and then abused’

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TWO men lured a boy to their home where they seduced and raped him, a court heard.

Brian Austin, 52, and John Atkinson, 47, are each charged with two counts of raping a boy aged under 16 at the home they then shared in Chedworth Crescent, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth.

Austin and Atkinson both deny each of the two charges against them.

They no longer live at the house.

The crimes are alleged to have taken place between June and October last year.

A 12-strong jury at Portsmouth Crown Court heard the victim initially told his mum he had made a new friend – a boy called ‘Liam' – who he started visiting in Paulsgrove in summer last year.

However he refused to tell his mum the exact address of where his new friend lived.

He said ‘Liam’ lived with his dad and had a Rottweiler dog, and started to visit him regularly.

His mum’s suspicions were raised when the victim 
asked to sleep over at ‘Liam’s’ house.

However her fears were initially allayed after a man claiming to be Liam’s dad spoke to her on the phone to reassure her.

A friend of the boy later revealed ‘Liam’ didn’t exist and told her where her son was going.

She went to the Chedworth Crescent address where Austin answered.

She asked if her son was there and he left, returning to the door with Atkinson. The pair claimed her son was not there.

She returned home and a short while later her son arrived.

When questioned he admitted ‘Liam’ did not exist and she called the police.

When interviewed by police, the victim claimed that both Atkinson and Austin had repeatedly sexually abused him.

He said he was bought clothes and a bike, and that the men had ‘looked out for him’ and he thought they cared about him.

The victim initially accused Atkinson of abusing him.

But in a later interview he alleged that Austin too had raped him.

He said Austin had told him he would die unless he stuck to the story that only Atkinson had abused him.

The victim cannot be named for legal reasons.

Atkinson and Austin, who are remanded in custody, were arrested and later charged.