Campaign to tackle drug-driving is launched

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DRIVERS suspected of using drugs are to be tested by officers for illegal substances for the first time in Sussex.

Officers will use drug testing equipment at police stations to check if motorists they have arrested have taken illegal substances before driving.

It is the first time Sussex Police has used the equipment.

Previously, officers used what are known as field impairment assessments to determine if they believed a motorist had been taking substances.

Chief inspector Natalie Moloney said: ‘Studies show that taking drugs and driving can be as dangerous as drinking and then getting into a car.

‘There is simply no excuse for it.

‘Help us make Sussex’s roads safer this Christmas by steering clear of drug driving.’

The new equipment will allow officers to prove if they have taken cannabis in a matter of minutes using a simple swab.

The drug testing will be carried out as part of the month-long campaign across the county.