Caretaker reveals how he rescued girl from Fishbourne dog attack

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CARETAKER Andrew Stemp has spoken of the moment he stepped in to rescue a three-year-old girl from a vicious dog attack.

Mr Stemp, a premises officer at Fishbourne Primary School, was cycling past the A27 underpass at Fishbourne when he heard screaming.

A toddler and her mum were being attacked by an American bulldog.

Mr Stemp said: ‘As I cycled through the underpass I realised a woman and a child were on the ground with the dog attached to the woman’s arm.

‘I jumped off my bike and tried to get the dog off her.

‘I then managed to get the little girl away, but then the dog jumped up on me and tried to get to her.

‘I tried to fight it off. I sort of got into autopilot – my concern was keeping the little girl safe.’

He said the whole thing happened quickly, and at some point a woman with a lead – not the owner of the dog – managed to capture and restrain it, and take it from the scene.

The mum and child, from Chichester, were taken to hospital by ambulance and suffered bite wounds.

As previously reported, the attack happened on Monday afternoon.

The dog was later handed to Chichester District Council after its owner agreed for it to be destroyed.

PC Carrie Jasper, from Chichester police, said: ‘If it wasn’t for the passerby this could have been a lot worse.’