Cause of Southsea killing still unknown

The Co-op store where the incident took place

Woman who wanted to ‘slit throat’ of security guard given community sentence

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ALTHOUGH it has been acknowledged that it may never be known what caused David Hilder to lose self-control and kill his friend David Guy, several theories were put forward during the trial.

They are said to have come to blows over Mr Guy’s neglect of his kitten, particularly in favour of his new girlfriend, Samantha Wray.

Giving evidence, Miss Wray told how a few weeks before he died Mr Guy turned up at her home with a black eye which he said Mr Hilder had given him for not looking after his cat.

Hilder’s possible jealousy also put forward as a reason. There was no suggestion that the two men were in a sexual relationship, but the pair were described as being in a relationship where Hilder was the dominant figure and he saw Miss Wray as taking his place in the younger man’s life.

And photocopies of intimate Polaroids taken by Hilder of his late wife were found in the camper van where Mr Guy slept. But Hilder denied knowing Mr Guy had them, saying he thought he had destroyed the originals years before.