Celebrations spiralled into fight that left man dead

CORDON Officers at the scene.  (121289-9)
CORDON Officers at the scene. (121289-9)

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THE murder happened after a party at a nearby house.

The murder victim is understood to have been at the party in Curlew Gardens.

Neighbours said they could hear loud music and noise coming from the house until 3am and a fight breaking out just after 5am.

James Webb, 29, of Curlew Gardens, said: ‘There was shouting and stuff going on. I had to calm my dog down because he heard them all partying outside.’

His mum Cheryl said she heard items being thrown in the street.

Pieces of wood were scattered around the crime scene yesterday.

She said the furniture had been in the front garden of the house where the party took place.

Mrs Webb said: ‘I could hear something being thrown. It didn’t register at the time what it was.

‘All that furniture was in the front garden because they have had a skip in there.

‘There was lots of scrap in the front garden.’

Neighbours said the house belonged to a single mum who had children.

The house remained sealed off last night.

The house is about 20 yards from where the body was discovered by police.

Residents said the house was regularly used for parties.

They said the party had been a celebration of some kind.

The house is next door to a property that was ravaged by fire almost exactly a year ago.

A family were stranded on a roof after clambering out of a bedroom window of their terraced house on April 13 last year.

The house was destroyed and is still being rebuilt.

The cause of the fire was never found, but fire investigators ruled out arson following an inquiry.


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