Christmas ruined for Jackie after lead thieves strike

Jackie Healey who's flat in London Road North End has been flooded after vandals removed lead from the roof.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (124108-4)

Jackie Healey who's flat in London Road North End has been flooded after vandals removed lead from the roof.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (124108-4)

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CHRISTMAS is ruined for Jackie Healey after thieves stole lead from her roof –causing rain to pour into her home.

Ms Healey returned to her flat in Ashling Lane, North End, Portsmouth, after a day out to discover water coming down the ceiling and walls of the living room and her curtains and carpets soaked through.

Her stereo system and other personal items, including family photos that were hanging up, were ruined.

After calling for help, a builder came round and spotted a gaping hole in the roof where thieves had removed some tiles and taken the lead underneath.

The estimated cost of putting right the damage is around £5,000.

Ms Healey, 51, who lives above the PDSA charity shop, said: ‘As soon as I walked in my front door and saw the water I screamed as loud as I could.

‘The water was coming down the ceiling and the walls and across the top of the windows.

‘I’m absolutely devastated. This is the last thing I need because I haven’t been well lately.

‘It’s ruined my Christmas. Though I wasn’t planning to spend Christmas Day in my flat, I can’t have people around to have a meal or anything now.

‘The place smells and I’ve got to spend time finding someone who will help me clear up the place. The builder told me that someone must have got on the roof over the weekend and stolen some of the lead.’

Though water only came into the living room of Ms Healey’s flat, she said the damage has cost her dearly.

Lead was also taken from the roof of Santander bank next door.

Jackie discovered the lead taken from her roof had been dumped outside the back door of the charity shop. She believes the thieves found the load too heavy to carry away.

Yesterday, the metal had gone missing again.

‘I estimate the cost of the damage is £5,000,’ Ms Healey said.

‘The walls will have to be dried out and replastered.’

The hole in the roof has been covered up. Police are on the hunt for the suspects.

A spokesman for Hampshire police said: ‘We received a call at 7.30pm on Sunday.

‘We believe this incident happened sometime between Friday morning and Sunday morning.

‘Police have been making enquiries and have been in contact with the lady. Further enquiries will be carried out later this week.’

Anyone with information or who saw what happened should call 101 and ask for Fratton police station.

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