Communications deal will save police cash

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A MULTI-MILLION pound communications deal between the police and BT will save public money, according to the area’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Hampshire Constabulary has joined forces with Thames Valley Police and Surrey Police to sign a £37.4m contract for the communications firm to take on the running of its telecoms technology.

BT will provide the force’s internet connections, phone lines, call centre technology, call recording technology, and cyber security.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, Simon Hayes, said: ‘This deal saves the public money from day one.

‘It sends out a message that there is a will within the three forces to find new ways of working and, in doing so, to achieve the improvements that the public wants to see and set us up for further innovation and collaboration.’

The system will allow the three police forces to share information across a secure network.

Stuart Hill, from BT, said: ‘This contract is simply ground-breaking.

‘This is the first police network purchased by neighbouring police forces.

‘By working together, we are enabling connecting policing across the forces.

‘As we work more innovatively, we’ll see more and more benefits for the forces and, most importantly, the citizens.’