Crack down on littering in Gosport

PCSOs and police officers around Priory School this afternoon

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OFFICERS at Gosport Borough Council are warning people about littering after a man was fined for throwing rubbish out of a car window.

Marcus Wall, of Yewside, Gosport, was issued with a fixed penalty notice of £75, which he didn’t pay. He was taken to court where he admitted the offence and was fined £75 plus £40 in costs.

Head of Streetscene Stevyn Ricketts said: ‘Littering is an offence whether it is a can, a crisp packet or even a cigarette end or piece of chewing gum and the council will do its utmost to stop people committing these offences.

‘You only have to walk past a pub, cafe, shop or office to see the eyesore left behind by these inconsiderate people.’