Dispersal order to stop anti-social behaviour in Portsmouth

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A DISPERSAL order has been put into place in Buckland in a bid to stop anti-social behaviour.

The Safer Portsmouth Partnership has set up the dispersal zone for the area between New Road, Ernest Road and Hampshire Street, as well as the area between Kingston Crescent, Mile End Road, Church Street, Lake Road and Kingston Road.

It will remain in place for three months, and means police can disperse groups of two or more people if they are felt to be causing or likely to cause anti-social behaviour. If someone remains in the area after being told to leave, they can be fined up to £2,500 and face three months in prison.

Ray Goulding, the anti-social behaviour unit manager at Portsmouth City Council, said: ‘These orders are not about moving on groups of young people who are simply socialising or hanging out with their friends. It’s about tackling the minority that are causing anti-social behaviour or nuisance in these areas.’