Drivers stopped in rural roads crackdown

A polcie control vehicle outside the victim's house

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PUBLIC fears over speeding prompted a police crackdown.

Officers from Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team targeted speeding vehicles on the A259, in Southbourne, and later Broyle Road in Chichester.

In total, 10 drivers were stopped for a range of offences, from not wearing a seat belt, to not stopping at a red traffic light.

Another driver was stopped for having illegally tinted windows – which were removed – and another was caught using his mobile phone.

Only two drivers were caught speeding.

PCSO Jason Lemm said: ‘We have listened to local residents who have raised concerns about speeding and various other driving offences.

‘This day will be one of many where we will continue to work with local neighbourhoods to deal with the issue of speeding and other road related offences.’

If you are interested in volunteering for a community Speed Watch team to help traffic calming measures, go to