Family calls in bloodhounds to track stolen pet dog

Max the boxer
Max the boxer

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A HEARTBROKEN family used bloodhounds in a bid to track down their stolen dog.

Max, a 12-year-old boxer, was taken from Grahame Thompson’s workshop in Priors Leaze Lane, Hambrook, near Emsworth, two weeks ago.

The culprits forced open the doors and took the dog while Mr Thompson, a mechanic, was out on a job.

He and his family scoured the area and even paid for bloodhounds to track Max’s scent – and on three occasions they were led to the Riders Lane area of Leigh Park, Havant.

Mr Thompson, 56, said: ‘We are just devastated.

‘It gets worse every day. I miss him so much.

‘I rescued him originally because his owners were moving and couldn’t take him with them.

‘He’s been my constant companion ever since. My granddaughter is absolutely devastated.

‘Whoever took him wasn’t an opportunist.

‘They meant to take him. They walked straight past all my tools and went for him. All the tools are insured. Max isn’t. He cannot be replaced.’

Mr Thompson’s partner Vicky Manetti hired K9 Investigators to track Max.

The 52-year-old, from Portchester, said: ‘Each time we’ve been out with the trackers they have taken us back to the same spot.

‘We know there must be something of significance there.

‘We have been out scouring the streets until the early hours.

‘Grahame’s daughter has put up lots of posters, hoping for information.

‘It’s just devastating. His granddaughter Angel is only three-and-a-half.

‘She’s constantly asking where Max is and when we explain the tears start again.

‘He is like a cuddly bear and is very affectionate with people and children.

‘He comes everywhere with us. We wouldn’t dream of planning a weekend without him. We plan everything round having a dog.

‘We will continue to endeavour to find him by any means. We want our teddy bear home, we miss him so very dearly.’

Max is neutered and microchipped. Both Sussex Police and Hampshire Constabulary are involved in the search for Max.

Anyone with information should contact either force on 101 quoting reference 939/23/09/2014 for Sussex Police and 747/19/09/2014 for Hampshire Constabulary.