Fareham drug addict jailed after ignoring court order

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Man avoids jail after being caught spending fake £50 notes at Gunwharf Quays

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A DRUG addict thief who was given a chance to go straight has been jailed after he failed to stick to the conditions of his community order.

Colin Smith, of Privett Road, Fareham, was ordered to undergo regular drug testing and attend an ‘exploring changes group’ after he was convicted of theft and fraud in June.

The 24-year-old had stolen his grandad’s bank card and used it to withdraw £200 from a cash machine and buy goods at Sainsbury’s and the Co-op in Fareham.

Despite being given the chance to avoid going to jail Smith failed to turn up for drug testing and didn’t bother going to his group meetings.

In all he attended just two of 13 appointments he was given by the probation service.

When he was brought back to Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court he admitted breaching the community order.

The magistrates jailed Smith for 105 days.