Firefighter told he faces jail for beating partner

Michelle Moran (36) of Friary Close in Gosport who was attacked by her partner Ian Ruler, inset

Michelle Moran (36) of Friary Close in Gosport who was attacked by her partner Ian Ruler, inset

A WOMAN who was beaten by her firefighter partner has told how she feared for her life.

Speaking after Ian Ruler was warned he could face jail for two attacks on her, Michelle Moran said she hoped his conviction would stop him hurting anyone else.

She had her nose broken and was battered and bruised after being beaten by the 43-year-old Southsea fireman.

The 36-year-old mum-of-two said: ‘I believe if I had stayed with him he could have killed me.

‘I feel relieved that he was found guilty for the sake of other women.

‘My friends begged me to get out of the relationship, they have been so supportive.

‘If I look at it now I feel embarrassed, I feel like I should have left sooner.’

Ruler, of King’s Road, Fareham, was found guilty at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court of two counts of common assault.

He admitted one charge of criminal damage after kicking the front door in of Miss Moran’s home in Friary Close, Gosport, where they lived together.

The first assault happened after the couple had been drinking at Bar 38 at Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays in January.

When they got home Ruler lost his temper and headbutted her then repeatedly punched her in the face.

‘I couldn’t see,’ she said. ‘The blood was just pumping out of me. I was thinking “what has he done to me?”.’

Afterwards Ruler dumped her into the bath to wash the blood away then apologised for what he had done.

She lied to her family about what happened and the pair carried on their relationship.

But then in July, after they had been to G’s Wine Bar, in Royal Clarence Marina, Gosport, Ruler again lost his temper when Miss Moran suspected of him texting other women.

They had a row and he punched her and kicked her. When she locked him out he smashed the door in and she dialled 999.

Ruler was arrested but refused to answer police questions. When the case went to court he denied the assaults, claiming Miss Moran had made it up.

‘The trial was traumatic,’ she said. ‘That was the first time I have seen him since it happened.’

Chairman of the bench Arthur Philp said the magistrates had found Miss Moran’s evidence compelling and consistent.

He told Ruler: ‘You were not as convincing in your evidence.

‘We also found that you had ample opportunity at the police station to refute the accusations that were being made. You chose to remain silent.’

Mr Philp added: ‘We say you deliberately set out to cause greater harm and that you did create greater harm by breaking her nose.

‘We are looking at all the options open to the court, right up to custody level.’

Ruler was released on bail to be sentenced next month.

THIS is not the first time Ian Ruler has been in trouble with the law and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service says disciplinary procedures are on-going which could see him lose his job.

Ruler was previously convicted for assault causing actual bodily harm after he attacked a man in the toilet’s of The Star pub in Gosport.

As reported in The News at the time, Ruler was given a suspended sentence at Portsmouth Crown Court in December 2010 for breaking Darryn Sergant’s nose in the assault.

He kept his job after that incident but was suspended when the latest allegations came to light.

Bob , assistant chief officer, said: ‘Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service expects the highest levels of conduct from all its staff and we therefore treat behaviour such as this with the utmost seriousness.

‘Though firefighter Ruler was off-duty at the time of the incident, he was suspended from his role when the service became aware of the charges.

‘The service has already commenced its internal disciplinary procedures relating to this issue and these will now continue following the court’s judgement.’

He added: ‘Appropriate disciplinary action was also taken following firefighter Ruler’s previous court appearance in 2010.’


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