Fratton Park clamper tells pensioner she can’t have pills

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A WOMAN in her 70s was denied access to her medication by car clampers at Fratton Park.

Reading fan Maureen Murphy, 71, was at the Pompey ground on Tuesday night to watch the match.

But when she left the stadium to return to her car, she was told it had been towed away by Whites Car Park Solutions.

Her ticket was not displayed because it had blown from the dashboard onto the floor.

To get her car back, Mrs Murphy was told she’d have to pay £504 – even though it was towed to just the other side of the stadium.

She said: ‘My handbag was in the car and my medication was in that.

‘I had a heart operation so I need my medication.

‘They wouldn’t let me get my handbag out, nor even my medication. It is absolutely outrageous.’

Mrs Murphy was eventually allowed her handbag when a steward for the football club offered to intervene.

The incident follows a similar one at the Pompey versus Brighton home game on Saturday, when Brighton fans were clamped and towed away. That time they were unable to get their cars back until Monday.

Sam McKellen, 22, of Hove, said he did not realise he had to display his ticket, so put it in his pocket rather than on display.

He was charged £636 to get his car back from Whites’ Southampton compound.

On Tuesday, Whites operated a compound at Fratton Park, so Mrs Murphy was at least saved the journey to Southampton.

But she still had to pay the same towing costs despite the shorter distance.

Jason White, of Whites Car Park Solutions, said the costs were set by the Security Industry Authority, and were the same no matter what the towing distance.

But when The News contacted the SIA it said this was not the case.

Mr White alleged Mrs Murphy was abusive to his staff.

The car park is not operated by the football club, as the land it is on is still owned by Sacha Gaydamak.

Instead, Southend-on-Sea firm G & L Facilities Management operates the car park and outsources the enforcement to Whites.

Mr White said the signs clearly tell people they should pay and display. And he said that even if people show their tickets, they’ll still have to pay the fine.

He said: ‘The signs are very clear. It clearly states it’s a permit restricted area, which means pay and display.’