Gangland thieves to pay back over £170,000

Crooks sabotaging for-sale cars in new Fareham scam

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A PORTSMOUTH criminal who made more than £700,000 through illegal activities has been told to pay back almost £160,000.

Darren Carrick, 39, was part of a gang who toured fruit machines in motorway service stations, defrauding them of up to £500 a time through an electronic system. which added false credits.

Carrick’s bank accounts were used to store and move the gang’s money.

The group was sentenced to a total of 10 and a half years imprisonment last year, and four of the men were ordered to pay back most of the money they had made through the scam by Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

Police discovered Carrick made £700,685.51 through a criminal lifestyle and he was ordered to pay back £159,691.47 in six months. He was jailed for 18 months in October, and if he fails to meet the deadline his prison time will be increased by two years.

Thomas Wheatcroft, 30, of Merrivale Road, Portsmouth, was ordered to pay back £6,665.34; James Sharpe, 26, of Milford Road, Portsmouth, is to pay £507.27; and Charlie Shaw, 22, of Gladys Avenue, Portsmouth, has to pay back £172.90.

Repayment orders were placed on the other members of the gang in January.

Paul Hircombe, 46, of St Stephens Road, Portsmouth, has to pay £1,692.90; Adam Barnard, 22, of Merrivale Road, Portsmouth, is to pay £10; and Ian Jarvis, 35, of Sea Road, Skegness, was ordered to pay £3,345.