Grenade drama evacuates Fareham police station

EVACUATED Fareham Police Station in Quay Street
EVACUATED Fareham Police Station in Quay Street
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FAREHAM police station had to be evacuated this morning after a member of the public brought a hand grenade to the front desk.

The man, whose identity is not known, walked into the station on Quay Street, Fareham, at 9.35am, and asked what he should do with the item.

It is not known how he came to be in possession of the Second World War grenade.

The station enquiry officer immediately raised the alarm and members of the public, police staff and police officers were all evacuated from the station, as well as people being held in the station’s custody unit.

Officers cordoned off an area of more than 100 feet around the police station and traffic was blocked from coming into Quay Street.

Residents in the flats oposite the station were warned to move to the back of their property and construction workers on the new Tesco site were also warned to move to the back of the site.

A navy bomb disposal crew attended the scene and made the device safe.

The cordon was lifted and the station re-opened at 10.15am.