Hampshire beauty spots are magnets for thieves

People told not to be alarmed by armed police officers on patrol

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FORTY-SEVEN cars were spotted in one day with valuables on display, police have said.

Police in East Hampshire patrolled the area’s beauty spot car parks to raise awareness of vehicle crime.

Patrols took place throughout the day in car parks across East Hampshire, including Queen Elizabeth County Park, Alice Holt Forest, Selbourne Common, Butser Hill and Petersfield Heath.

During their patrols police spotted 47 cars which had been left unlocked or with valuables inside. One car was discovered unlocked with the car keys on the roof and the owner’s handbag inside.

Inspector Pat Reddin said: ‘Most offences of theft from vehicles are opportunist. If valuable possessions such as handbags, phones and cameras are left inside a vehicle, they are more likely to be targeted.’