Handbag, phone and purse taken in Portchester burglary

Can you help police find missing man last spotted in Portsmouth?

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BURGLARS got into a home through an unlocked back door under the cover of darkness.

The suspects entered the home in Sunningdale Road in Portchester between 11.45pm on April 30 and 2.45am on Monday, May 1.

Once inside, the thieves carried out a search and stole a BlackBerry mobile phone, a tan-coloured handbag and a replica Gucci purse, which was brown with a red and green trim.

Police are appealing for any witnesses, or anyone who may have been offered the items for sale, to come forward.

PC Phil Hall said: ‘During the time of the incident, there could have been a few people in the location. Were you in the area? Did you see anyone acting suspiciously or have you been offered any of the stolen property?

‘Please remember to make sure that your homes are secure at all times. If there are locks available on the doors and windows, please use them.’

Anyone with information should contact Fareham police station on 101.