Hero tot thwarts would-be burglar at his nan’s Portsmouth home

OVER THERE! 20-month-old Harvey Kent points out of the window to where the intruder was.     Picture: Allan Hutchings (112309-252)
OVER THERE! 20-month-old Harvey Kent points out of the window to where the intruder was. Picture: Allan Hutchings (112309-252)

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TODDLER Harvey Kent has been hailed a little hero after spotting a potential burglar at the back door of his nan’s home.

Harvey, just 20 months old, saw the suspicious man in the garden of Jane Hanford’s garden in Montague Road, North End, Portsmouth.

The tiny crimefighter shouted out ‘man!’ – alerting his grandmother to the would-be intruder.

Mrs Hanford, 45, turned round to spot the suspicious stranger near the door.

The suspect then turned on his heels and ran away.

Mrs Hanford said: ‘Harvey stopped something which could’ve been quite horrible from happening to us, he’s my little hero, I’m really proud of him.

‘And he probably doesn’t even realise what he’s done but I’m going to take him out and spoil him, and do something really special for him.’

She told The News it was a day like any other, and she was going about her everyday business when the drama unfolded.

Mrs Hanford said: ‘I was in the living room with Harvey and he was annoying the dog, so I picked him up and took him into the kitchen and he shouted “man”.

‘I turned round and he was just standing there, and then ran – it was really scary. And the worst thing was that Harvey had been playing out there just before that.

‘It’s the most shocking thing ever because I thought my garden was secure, it’s fenced in and overlooked by my neighbours – I didn’t think anyone could get in.’

Mrs Hanford, who works as a carer in a home for people with dementia, called the police who sent officers to check the burglar was not hiding somewhere nearby.

The police helicopter was scrambled to scour the area for signs of the man.

But officers were unable to spot the suspect, who struck just before heavy rain and thunderstorms hit the area.

‘I already lock all the doors and windows before I go out and keep the keys in a different place but this has made me much more wary,’ Mrs Hanford added.

‘I’ve lived here for five or six years and nothing like this has ever happened in this street, it’s a nice road and that’s what makes it so shocking.’

Police have appealed for witnesses to help catch the suspect. He is white, about 20, thin, and with cropped brown hair. He wore a grey jacket and blue jeans.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘We would like to thank the family affected for their actions in reporting this attempted burglary to us swiftly. Officers are making further inquiries to find the suspect as soon as possible.’

Anyone with information should contact Cosham Police Station on 101 or 0845 045 4545 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.