Jail for man who smashed a bottle over friend’s head

JAILED Barney Cutbush
JAILED Barney Cutbush

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A MAN who smashed a bottle over his friend’s head and thought he could get away with it has been jailed.

Barney Cutbush attacked his pal Adrian Cribb after the pair had been out with friends, celebrating a birthday.

As the group walked home two other men got into an argument.

When Mr Cribb tried to stop the row Cutbush got involved and attacked him with a beer bottle.

He then pushed another man, Anthony Grace, to the ground as he tried to break the trouble up.

After he was arrested for the assault Cutbush, who has convictions for 15 previous offences, including assault, sent another friend a text saying: ‘I glassed Adrian, still didn’t think he would grass.’

The group were walking in Middlecroft Lane, Gosport, when the attack happened in January last year.

Daniel Riley said that since then Cutbush, a former trainee electrician, had changed his ways.

‘There has undoubtedly been some noticeable change in attitude on his part,’ he said.

‘He has been out of trouble now for 13 months. There are signs of a maturity on behalf of Cutbush that was not perhaps previously evident.’

Cutbush, of High Street, Gosport, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and common assault at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Judge Roger Hetherington said: ‘Something of your attitude at the time is shown by the text that you sent to a friend of yours.

‘It seems as though you glassed this person, as you put it, simply because you thought they were getting lairy and then you were annoyed at one of your friends for grassing you up, as you put it.

‘People like you must understand that anyone who glasses or bottles another person will inevitably face immediate custody.’

Detective Constable Pete Lavin, of Gosport CID, said: ‘This sentence shows this sort of violent offence will not be tolerated.’