Knifeman confronts group at kebab shop

Police tape
Police tape
The Co-op store where the incident took place

Woman who wanted to ‘slit throat’ of security guard given community sentence

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A MAN has told of how he tried to disarm someone carrying knives in Gosport.

The 32-year-old man, who asked to remain anonymous, was on a night out with friends at the nightclub Emma’s.

They had walked to Ocean Breeze kebab shop in Gosport High Street with a group of local field gunners from the Royal Navy at around 3.30am when they were approached by a man.

The witness told The News: ‘A group of us were outside having a chat and eating.

‘A random guy just approached us.

‘The first thing that we noticed, which brought everyone’s attention to this guy, was the fact that he had blood all over his hands.’

After he was asked what had happened, the man then lost his temper and stepped into the doorway of the kebab shop.

The witness said that the man with the knife then started an altercation with one of the field gunners.

Then he jumped over the table and the counter, dropped his knife and fled out of the back of the shop.

‘I knew the way he was going to get out so I headed round there,’ the witness said.

‘He didn’t expect to see me. I was coming towards him and he pulled out a bigger knife.

‘I stopped and said to him “what are you playing at, why are you carrying knives?”.

‘His response was “we’ve seen what’s happening in London”.

‘With that he ran off and bolted towards the road.

‘I’m shocked about the fact that I’ve grown up and lived in Gosport for a long time and someone is carrying knives round the streets with blood on their hands.

‘It was a shock to me. I didn’t expect it.

‘Why was someone carrying a knife in Gosport?’

Police confirmed that a 25-year-old man was detained by police for being in possession of a knife.