London drug dealers took over woman’s home to peddle cocaine and heroin in Portsmouth

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A MAN turned a woman’s home into a drugs den on his release from jail following a conviction for manslaughter.

Demetre Fogo, 23, was on licence when he and Andre Nteka, 25, travelled from London to Portsmouth to deal crack cocaine and heroin.

Demetre Fogo

Demetre Fogo

Fogo had left jail less than a year earlier after serving part of a nine-year sentence for his role in the fatal stabbing of and conspiracy to rob Anthony Ogazi, 21, in Walworth, London, in 2008.

Now Fogo and Nteka are each serving four-year prison terms after admitting possessing crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply.

Fogo cannot apply for parole until the sentence for his manslaughter conviction expires in May 2017. Sentencing Fogo, of Knights Lane, London, and Nteka, of Clayton Street, London, Recorder Nicholas Rowland said: ‘You were coming here to deal in Hampshire and it’s a familiar pattern we see all too often.’

He added: ‘As a result I can see both of you were in it together hoping to make significant amounts from what you were doing.’

Andre Nteka

Andre Nteka

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the pair travelled from London to Queen Street, Portsmouth, where they were seen in a communal area of a block of flats by a recovering drug addict.

One of the men asked if they could use her toilet, but then Fogo asked if they could stay in the flat. When she refused they said they would stay anyway, threatening and bullying her.

Martyn Booth, prosecuting, said: ‘A drugs intelligence officer says this has all the hallmarks of drug dealers who come from London and impose themselves on people who are part of the drug scene.’

The men stayed overnight, and the woman text-messaged a police officer the following day.

Mr Booth said: ‘She was to say to the officer that she on some occasions was to see the defendants preparing drugs.

‘She saw a huge pile of drugs which she was to describe as being about a foot and-a-half in height by a foot in width.’

Police arrived at the flat where they arrested Fogo and Nteka and found ‘hallmarks’ of dealing but no drugs. It was indicated the Fogo had concealed them inside his body.

Nteka, who has 16 previous convictions, was charged. After 11 days Fogo passed the drugs.

Police recovered 42 wraps of crack cocaine weighing 6.76g and 46 of heroin weighing 8.05g with a total street value of £2,325.

Six more wraps were contaminated with water while being recovered and could not be analysed.

The court heard Fogo is not a drug user and had been sent to Portsmouth having ‘joined up’ with others after falling behind on his rent.

Speaking after the sentencings, Det Con Jackie Foley said: ‘I’m pleased with the sentence and it serves as a message that people who come to Portsmouth to deal drugs and especially the taking over of people’s homes, especially vulnerable people, will be brought to justice.’