Members of gang who made thousands told to pay back eBay cash

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MEMBERS of a gang who sold nearly £1m worth of stolen property on eBay have been ordered to repay some of the money they made.

Dean Frost, Daniel O’Sullivan and Ashley Turner were jailed for a total of just over 10 years for their part in the scam.

Yesterday they were back at Portsmouth Crown Court for a hearing to claw back some cash.

Judge Ian Pearson, who described their scam as a highly-organised commercial enterprise, said they had made £970,871 between them.

Frost, who made a gain of £555,828.91 was ordered to repay £49,028 in the next six months or face another 18 months in jail. O’Sullivan, who made £196,064.20 must repay £24,416 in two months or face 12 months further jail time.

And Turner, who made £218,987.90 has to pay £12,824.15 in six months or face eight months’ jail.

Former soldier Frost, O’Sullivan, a roofer, and plumber Turner were handed electrical items by a network of thieves who raided businesses all over the country.

The three sold hundreds of gadgets including sat navs, cameras and laptops on the auction website.

The group were caught after staff at Marine Supermarket in Port Solent saw the store’s stolen property for sale on eBay and contacted the police.

Detective Constable Leith Morrison said: ‘The operation was well organised by a small group of people that involved criminal activity all around the UK. For them the financial penalty can be just as harsh as the custodial penalty.’

The three were arrested during a series of police raids in March 2010 when officers found hundreds of electrical items and thousands of pounds in cash.

Frost, 33, of Anmore Close, Havant and O’Sullivan, 32, of Danebury Close, Leigh Park, pleaded guilty to money laundering between 2008 and 2010.

Turner, 28, of Warnford Crescent, Leigh Park, was found guilty of the same offence between 2007 and 2010 after a trial. Father-of-three Frost, O’Sullivan, who has two children and Turner, who also has two children, all said they had only received a small cut of the money made and had done it to provide for their families.

Frost was jailed for three years and four months, O’Sullivan for three years and two months and Turner for three years and nine months.

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