Murder accused was ‘terrified’ of his wife’s lover

CRIME SCENE Police officers at the house where Mr Vials died
CRIME SCENE Police officers at the house where Mr Vials died
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THE man accused of stabbing his wife’s lover to death has told the court that although he answered the front door to him holding a knife, he never meant to use it.

Marc Lindsey, 35, is standing trial at Winchester Crown Court accused of murdering his friend Eddie Vials on Christmas Eve last year.

Mr Vials, 47, had been having a secret affair with Lindsey’s wife, Laura Lindsey, and had come round to the Lindsey’s home in Hill Park Road in Gosport late that night after the fling was brought into the open.

Taking the witness stand, Lindsey told how the marriage had been rocky since he had had an affair in 2004.

On December 24, the couple had been rowing throughout the evening about their future.

During the argument text messages were being exchanged between Mrs Lindsey, Mr Vials, and Mr Vials’ wife, Brigit.

When Mrs Lindsey admitted she loved Mr Vials, Lindsey said that at that moment ‘my heart hit my stomach’.

As the row progressed Lindsey received a phonecall from Mrs Vials. He said: ‘She said Eddie had been physically and mentally violent to her throughout the relationship.’

She told him of three rapes and several other incidents.

Lindsey said: ‘I said “Brigit, I’m going to kill him”.

‘I didn’t mean it, it was said in absolute shock.’

Moments after the phonecall ended, Lindsey told how he was going to warn his wife about the man she was involved with, but before he could, there was a bang at the front door.

Knowing Mr Vials was on his way over, he says he grabbed a steak knife left on a table inside the front door.

He said he had left it there earlier in the day after using it to cut gift wrapping paper when he had been unable to find a pair of scissors.

When he opened the front door to Mr Vials, he says he held the knife up while repeatedly telling him to ‘go away.’

The father-of-two claims Mr Vials lunged at him and as they grappled, Mr Vials was stabbed once in the heart.

Lindsey said: ‘I was absolutely terrified of Eddie.

‘Nobody would tell me why he was coming over.

‘Obviously Brigit had just told me what he had done and I thought he was coming to stove my head.’

He added: ‘I’m not denying I was involved in the scuffle, but I didn’t intend to hurt him.

‘I just wanted him to go away.’



THE jury at the trial into the murder of Eddie Vials has been played harrowing 999 calls made moments after the stabbing took place.

The first call, made by Laura Lindsey, only lasts nine seconds and does not get as far as the police control room.

What is said is largely unclear, but there are screams, and Mr Vials can be heard saying: ‘You just stabbed me.’

A second, longer call, is made by Mrs Lindsey almost immediately afterwards.

As the operator tries to make sense of the situation, Mrs Lindsey is heard to say: ‘Oh my God, someone’s been stabbed in my house, oh my God.’

The operator establishes the address and asks: ‘Where is the attacker?’

Mrs Lindsey replies: ‘He’s inside my house, it’s my husband, he did it.

‘There’s blood all over the place.’

The operator attempts to give Mrs Lindsey first aid advice until the police and paramedics arrive.