Novel proposals from teenagers to cut crime

PLEASED Commissioner Simon Hayes welcomes ideas
PLEASED Commissioner Simon Hayes welcomes ideas
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EDUCATING young people about drug abuse in science lessons and dedicated graffiti walls are among the recommendations from the Hampshire Youth Commission on police and crime.

Twenty-four members of the commission met Hampshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes.

Among the members is 15-year-old Eloise Peabody-Rolf, who is from Horndean and attends Portsmouth Grammar School.

Since their first meeting in July last year the youth commission has been gathering the views of more than 2,000 young people on five priority areas: anti-social behaviour; domestic abuse; relationship with the police; drug and alcohol abuse; and offending and reoffending.

Among the recommendations are dedicated bike zones and youth zones, and earlier intervention for people who start to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Mr Hayes said: ‘Their findings and recommendations provide a clear insight into the thoughts and needs of young people in our society, and I will consider them carefully when directing resources and commissioning services as part of my police and crime plan.

‘For too long, young people have been seen as part of the problem.

‘It’s now time to make them part of the solution to crime.’