Pair target pensioner

Teenager involved in ‘appalling’ violence is banned from Pompey

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AN 89-YEAR-OLD had a gold bangle stolen from her arm after helping two women.

The pair knocked on the victim’s door in Palm Court, Palmerston Road, Southsea, at 4.40pm on Friday.

They asked to use the phone, shouting ‘Baby, baby, phone hospital’. Another resident offered a phone.

One of the women thanked them for their help and placed a cheap watch on the victim’s wrist. When they left the woman noticed the expensive gold bangle that she had been wearing was gone.

PC David Merryweather said: ‘This was a well-planned theft targeted at a vulnerable person who was selflessly offering to help someone she thought was in need.’

The suspects are Asian, in their 30s, of large build and one appeared to be heavily pregnant, and about 5ft 8in. They were wearing black and red saris with long black hair tied up. Anyone with information can contact police on 101.