Paramedic visited his lover while on duty

Paramedic Simon Surplice
Paramedic Simon Surplice
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A senior paramedic who disabled the tracking system in his vehicle so he could visit his lover while on duty has been suspended for one year.

Simon Surplice disabled the South Central Ambulance Trust system so he could continue a relationship with the colleague, an ambulance manager referred to as Ms X.

The panel at the Health Professionals Council (HPC) in south London heard he was recorded over the phone telling her: ‘We’ve got it sussed... we are anonymous now.’

The HPC heard on one occasion he asked her over the phone: ‘Fancy spending an afternoon in bed?’

And the panel dismissed his assertion that he was visiting his lover at home for work reasons.

Surplice was also found to have made up six incidents to help his lover to meet targets.

The HPC heard she needed to meet the daily target that 75 per cent of life-threatening calls must be attended within eight minutes.

But the calls lacked detail and documentation and were suspicious as they were all towards the end of the shift.

Surplice also made inappropriate calls to his colleague while on duty.

Giving evidence he told the HPC it was ‘intimate banter’ and said: ‘I deeply regret it.’

The allegations against Surplice related to his time as a paramedic employed by South Central Ambulance Service Trust between October 2008 and May 2009.

Surplice was found guilty of serious misconduct involving dishonesty and suspended for one year.

The paramedic was cleared of direct participation in making up an emergency call to the air ambulance so that a former colleague got an unauthorised fly-past at his funeral.