Pedal swan taken from Southsea’s Canoe Lake and left bobbing in the Solent

SWANSONG The pedalo in the Solent
SWANSONG The pedalo in the Solent
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THIS pedal-powered swan was spotted bobbing around in the Solent after it was dragged out of a lake.

The pedal boat was pulled from its usual home in the waters of Canoe Lake and dumped into the sea at some time on Monday night.

But the tide kept the heavy boat close to the shore where passers-by stopped to take photographs until it was taken away.

The pedalo has now been recovered and returned to its usual home at Canoe Lake.

Albert Somerset, 60, from Milton, saw the swan bobbing up and down in the water on his way to work yesterday morning.

He took the picture below and sent it to The News.

Mr Somerset said: ‘I was driving in to work along the seafront and spotted it just offshore by the snake pit, as we used to call it.

‘I had a camera in the car so thought I’d take a shot of it.

‘It must have taken a few people to get that out of Canoe Lake and over to the sea.’

The swan boat was found in the water just next to South Parade Pier.

David Evans, Portsmouth City Council’s seafront manager, said: ‘I saw it in the water but couldn’t really do anything about it because it was going out with the tide.

‘I contacted the owner and told him about it because it could have become a hazard to shipping.

‘Obviously some bright spark has taken it from Canoe Lake and put it in the water.

‘They’re not exactly light.

‘But on a more serious note, it should have been better secured.’

The pedal boats at Canoe Lake are occasionally targeted by vandals.

In 2009, one of the duck boats was stolen and later found in a nearby road with its head removed.