Residents’ shock at murder suspect’s arrest

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TRIBUTE Simon Warton
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POLICE have arrested a man suspected of the murder of Simon Warton.

Armed police and dogs raided a first floor flat at Southampton House in Broadmere Avenue, Havant, shortly before 10pm on Saturday.

There, they arrested Sean Bailey on suspicion of murdering Mr Warton, 27, who was stabbed to death in Dove Close, Wecock, in the early hours of Thursday.

Residents today told of the moments leading up to the arrest.

Southampton House resident Kathy Duke, 52, said: ‘It was noisy and scary. I had gone to bed early and I heard armed police - they called out Sean Bailey’s name. There was screaming.

‘They were trying to negotiate to get him out of the flat.

‘There were lots of police outside and police dogs.’

Patrick McCormack, 31, was visiting a friend in a neighbouring flat when he heard the drama unfold.

Mr McCormack said: ‘I could hear screaming. I walked down to see what was going on.

‘A guy was on the floor. He was being arrested and there were armed police.

‘The police turned around and said to me “go inside for your own safety”.’

One resident, who does not want to be named, said: ‘It sounded like someone was smashing a door in. There was a lot of banging.

‘Somebody was shouting “come out Sean”.

‘There were a lot of police and it looked like some of them had riot gear on’

Today a police officer was standing guard at outside the first floor flat where Bailey was found.

Police had launched a hunt for the 28-year-old, from Waterlooville following Mr Warton’s death.

Is is understood that Mr Warton had been at a party in Curlew Gardens, Wecock, when a fight broke out shortly after 5am on Thursday.

As reported in The News, Mr Warton, of Orsmond Close, Waterlooville was stabbed in nearby Dove Close, Wecock.

He was taken to hospital where he later died.

A post mortem revealed Mr Warton died of died of a stab wound, although police are continuing to establish what weapon was used.

Bailey is still in police custody being questioned by detectives.

Police say Mr Warton’s next-of-kin have been informed of Bailey’s arrest by a police family liaison officer tonight.

A spokesman said: ‘Hampshire Constabulary would like to thank members of the public in the Broadmere Avenue area for their understanding and co-operation.’

Mum, Dawn Warton, yesterday described her son as a ‘fun and loving person’ who adored his family.

She said: ‘The family is very grateful for all the support and wishes from Simon’s friends who have been sharing stories of him.

‘All of us know Simon had a great sense of humour and was a fun loving person. He always tried to be a good son and he adored his daughter.’

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