Revealed: Hampshire’s drivers caught speeding more than 100mph

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Images of a man police would like to speak to in connection with robbery of a co-op store in London Road on Saturday, February 25.

CCTV images released after pickaxe robbery in North End Co-op store

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POLICE have caught 53 drivers speeding more than 100 miles per hour in 12 months, it has been revealed.

Hampshire police’s list details notices of intended prosecutions (NIPs) for alleged speeding offences.

The figures, obtained under Freedom of Information, show speeders caught between April 2014 and March 2015.

The list is organised by speed, road, date of alleged offence and model of vehicle involved.

110 A34 03/04/2014 LEXUS

122 A31 19/04/2014 SUZUKI

107 A34 30/04/2014 BMW

112 A3 01/05/2014 JAGUAR

103 A31 03/05/2014 FORD

104 A31 03/05/2014 VOLKSWAGEN

101 A31 04/05/2014 AUDI

103 A31 04/05/2014 LAND ROVER

108 A31 04/05/2014

102 A31 04/05/2014 AUDI

105 A31 13/05/2014 MERCEDES

109 A31 01/06/2014 BMW

108 A31 01/06/2014 AUDI

105 A31 10/06/2014 VOLVO

104 A31 10/06/2014 VOLKSWAGEN

101 A31 10/06/2014 MERCEDES

102 A31 10/06/2014 LAND ROVER

102 A31 22/06/2014 VOLKSWAGEN

101 A31 21/06/2014 FORD

114 A31 21/06/2014 LAND ROVER

104 A31 21/06/2014 AUDI

113 A303 07/07/2014

110 A31 12/07/2014

113 A331 09/08/2014

107 A31 17/08/2014 MG

110 A31 16/08/2014 BMW

123 A31 21/08/2014 HONDA

104 A3 28/08/2014 BMW

102 A34 02/09/2014 AUDI A6

103 A303 01/09/2014 HONDA

107 A31 07/09/2014 SUZUKI

109 A31 30/09/2014 SUBARU

102 A31 30/09/2014 BMW

109 A31 12/10/2014

103 A31 12/10/2014 VOLKSWAGEN

103 A34 31/10/2014 AUDI

101 A34 31/10/2014 NISSAN

107 A3 24/11/2014 YAMAHA

101 A31 07/12/2014 VOLKSWAGEN

101 A3 13/12/2014 FORD

101 A3 13/12/2014 BMW

106 A31 04/01/2015 CITROEN

105 A31 04/01/2015 BMW

106 A303 16/01/2015 BMW

106 A3 20/01/2015 MERCEDES

108 A34 24/01/2015 AUDI

101 A303 23/01/2015 LEXUS

102 A303 23/01/2015 AUDI

103 A31 01/02/2015 HONDA

110 A34 10/02/2015 VOLKSWAGEN

101 A31 19/03/2015 BMW

108 A3 23/03/2015 TOYOTA

102 A31 29/03/2015 AUDI

Nationally, more than five motorists a day were caught speeding over 100mph in 2014-15, police said.

The fastest speed recorded was clocked by a driver in a BMW M4 Coupe doing 156mph - more than double the speed limit – on the A1(M) in Cambridgeshire in March.

The figures come from a Freedom of Information request submitted by BBC Radio 5 Live which shows at least 2,169 traffic reports were filed by UK police forces against motorists travelling at more than 100mph.

Police were asked to reveal the number of offences they recorded where a motorist was found - either by a speed camera or from an officer’s speed radar - to be going over 100mph in the financial year 2014-2015.

Of the UK’s 45 forces - who were also asked to supply the maximum speed, location and make and model of vehicle involved - 42 replied.

Greater Manchester, Kent and Thames Valley police did not supply any information, while others submitted only some of the details.

Figures from forces that specified an exact speed showed 152 out of the 2,169 motorists were clocked going at 120mph or faster, with 43 stopped driving at speeds of at least 130mph.

After the BMW going at 156mph, the highest speeds recorded were a Mercedes C200 doing 155mph on the M1 in Hertfordshire, and a Jaguar at 144mph on the M4 in Gloucestershire.

Police in Cambridgeshire recorded the highest number of drivers going more than 100mph (284), followed by Humberside Police (166) and Avon and Somerset Constabulary (164).

Of the drivers travelling more than 130mph for whom a make of vehicle was given, a quarter were BMW cars or motorcycles. Audi, Mercedes or Ford cars made up another 13 of the group and three more were motorcycles of other types.

The National Police Chiefs Council lead for Roads Policing, Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, told the BBC: ‘Speed is a significant factor in fatal road accidents and extreme speed causes an even greater risk to road users.’

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