Southsea dog walker fined for mess

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DOG walker Samir Chandra has been made to pay £120 after he let his pet foul the pavement.

Chandra was seen failing to clear up the dog mess in Albert Road, Southsea, and summoned to court.

The 23-year-old admitted an offence of failing to remove dog faeces when he appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

But he claimed he had run out of bags and had intended to go to his nearby flat in Napier Road to get one.

Representing himself Chandra said: ‘I was going to get another bag to clean it up.

‘My dog wasn’t well and I had already used four or five bags on that walk.

‘It wasn’t that I refused to clean it up because it annoys me when other people do that.

‘I was going to get another bag and then carry on walking.’

Chandra was fined £80 and told to pay £50 in costs.