Speed cameras to be manned by volunteers in Hampshire villages

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VOLUNTEERS will man speed cameras in four villages to help reduce the number of drivers breaking the law.

Villagers in Hill Head, Stubbington, Titchfield and Warsash have been given two £2,500 speed monitoring devices to use on their roads.

The scheme will see volunteers set up at different locations for a few hours a week recording details of those breaking the speed limit.

The device will show motorists what speed they are travelling at and, if it is above the limit, the sign will flash red and the volunteers will record the vehicle’s make, model and colour.

A warning letter will then be sent to the offender, although no fines will be issued.

If a person is caught three times, their details will be passed to the police who will decide which course of action to take.

Jenny Etherington, 63, who lives in Warsash Road, Warsash, said: ‘I’ve seen a lot of near misses. It is frightening sometimes.

‘People don’t respect the limit especially at night, I can hear them race passed here at up to 60mph.’

Sandra Main, 63, of Bevis Close, Warsash, added: ‘The camera is a good thing even though there is no fine – you’ve got to start somewhere.’

The signs will collect data which can be analysed to determine speeding hot-spots.

Hampshire County Council teamed up with Fareham Borough Council, Titchfield Trust and Warsash Residents’ Association to provide the cameras.

PCSO Andy Leeks, from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, said: ‘It has taken a long time but we have worked together to get this group set up.

‘There are certain limits that if particular areas or people go above, then the police will step in and enforce the law.’

Chris Walker, from Titchfield Trust, said: ‘They are using these already in Swanwick and they have seen a reduction in speeding cars.

‘I absolutely refuse to believe that these devices will not have an impact.’

David Knight, from Warsash Residents’ Association, said: ‘The volunteers have been trained by the police and we will not be issuing fines.

‘It’s more a slap on the wrist for people who think they can push it by going over the speed limit.’

He also said the association was negotiating with the council to provide a crossing in the village.




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