The thief’s got sticky fingers! Portsmouth burglar leaves finger prints on Krispy Kreme donuts during raid

STICKY FINGERS The box of doughnut with the fingerprints on it.
STICKY FINGERS The box of doughnut with the fingerprints on it.

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THE victim of a burglary is hoping that the thief’s sweet tooth will prove their downfall.

Sophie Monaghan’s Portsmouth home was targeted while at work and her laptop was taken along with £285 in cash.

But on their way out through the kitchen door, the thief took a donut from a box on the side.

Now Sophie, 38, is hoping that the fingerprint left behind on the box will help the police find the crook.

She said: ‘At the moment, I’ve been working a lot trying to set up a business so I am out and about networking.

‘I came home one day and my key didn’t open my door and got stuck so I pushed a bit and the door just opened.

‘I went straight upstairs to the bedroom and my laptop bag was on the floor empty.

‘I also noticed that £285 cash that I had hidden was taken too. Other small bits were also missing and the bedroom had items all over it.

‘As I searched the rest of my house, I noticed my Samsung Galaxy phone was missing from the living room.’

But it was when she entered the kitchen that Sophie realised her thief couldn’t resist the treats on the side.

She added: ‘I saw that one of my donuts was missing so they must have taken one of them as well.

‘They were probably laughing as they walked out of the kitchen with my laptop, phone and the cash with a donut in their mouth.

‘But they left behind a fingerprint so I hope it will be me who has the last laugh.’

Sophie estimates that around £1,000 worth of gear was taken from her house.

But she says she is more concerned about the work on her laptop than the computer itself.

She said: ‘I had important documents on my laptop including a five-year business plan which I was four years into.’

Sophie, from Laburnum Grove, North End, has reported the burglary to the police who are investigating. They dusted the remaining donuts and the box they were in to check for more evidence.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Constabulary said they are investigating the burglary, which took place on January 21, but have no leads.

Anyone with information should contact PC Dave Shaw on 101 quoting 4414 0017 147.