Travellers set up camp at Southbourne play area

People told not to be alarmed by armed police officers on patrol

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TRAVELLERS have set up camp on a recreation ground near a school.

The caravans have been parked on Southbourne Recreation Ground, next to Bourne Community College.

Southbourne Parish Council is currently taking steps to evict the travellers from the recreation ground by obtaining a court possession order.

The invasion is the latest in a series of encampments across Havant, Emsworth and villages in West Sussex throughout the summer.

Last month travellers set up camp at Bosham Recreation Ground and West Wittering Cricket Club before being evicted.

Mark Everson, vice chairman of Southbourne Parish Council, said: ‘I am really concerned about this.

‘These particular travellers arrived on Friday last week, they broke in to the field, lifted off the gate and set up camp.

‘The numbers at the camp also seem to be growing.

‘Whilst I do sympathise with the group, they have no real right to be setting up camp on this land.

‘I have got nothing against travellers themselves, but people who flout the law and cause trouble for councils.

‘Whilst they have a place in society, these people seem to be acting like they are a law unto themselves, and they think that they are above the law.

‘Why do they get away with it?

‘That is what people really object to.’