Warning that fake tickets for Portsmouth Guildhall gig are being sold

SOLD OUT Mumford & Sons' Portsmouth Guildhall gig
SOLD OUT Mumford & Sons' Portsmouth Guildhall gig
Paul Kingswell, 48, from Gosport Picture: Malcolm Wells (170815-7804)

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PEOPLE are being warned that fake tickets are being sold for a Mumford and Sons’ gig being held at Portsmouth Guildhall.

The band is due to take to the stage in Portsmouth this Thursday.

Management has warned it will be checking every ticket for authenticity and will only allow in those that have bought tickets from the Guildhall or known ticket agents and whose name is on the audience members guest list.

If a person’s ticket is not from one of these sources then entry will not be allowed.

People are being advised to arrive early to allow enough time for security to check.