Wife gets revenge on her husband by reporting his secret cannabis factory to Portsmouth police

COURT Ross Meloy, who has been jailed after police found his cannabis factory
COURT Ross Meloy, who has been jailed after police found his cannabis factory

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A WOMAN got her revenge on her husband after a row by telling police about his cannabis factory.

Ross Meloy told officers ‘you’ve hit the jackpot’ when they asked him to take them down to the basement at his Portsmouth home so that they could investigate.

There police discovered cannabis plants and cuttings of the class B drug.

Now the 46-year-old has been jailed for 27 months.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard police were called to reports of a domestic between Meloy and his now ex-wife at his Bishop Street home in the city.

No charges have been brought in relation to that incident.

But on their arrival officers investigated further and asked Meloy to show them to the basement of the property.

Meloy then replied: ‘It’s a cannabis factory.’

Officers went downstairs where they discovered about 31 plants and 50 cuttings which are said to have been about 14 weeks away from maturity.

An expert said they would have yielded between 2.2kg and 6.6kg of the class B drug.

Daniel Sawyer, prosecuting, said: ‘This is motivated by financial or other advantage and there is clearly an understanding of the scale of the operation.’

The set up was described as ‘professional’ and the electricity had been bypassed in a bid to save cash.

Roderick James, defending, said: ‘It (the cannabis factory) had only been going for a few weeks when because of a disagreement with his wife, she effectively calls the police in order to spite him because there is a cannabis factory there, she knows, in the basement.’

He added: ‘From the word go he’s honest and candid about it all.’

Meloy, who has convictions for 18 previous offences, pleaded guilty to abstracting electricity and was convicted of producing a class B drug on November 8.

Judge Sarah Munro QC, sentencing at Portsmouth Crown Court, said of Meloy’s operation: ‘It had been set up professionally with hydroponic lighting, heating and ventilation.’

She added: ‘You had bypassed the electricity in order to avoid the high costs incurred by the operation of your cannabis factory.’

An order was made for the cannabis to be forfeited and destroyed.