Woman preyed on vulnerable then stole cash

ASBO Hayley Darby
ASBO Hayley Darby

People told not to be alarmed by armed police officers on patrol

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IMMORAL Hayley Darby has been given an Asbo banning her from offering sex for cash after she targeted a string of vulnerable men, winning their trust only to steal from them.

Darby’s victims, the eldest of whom is 79, suffer from problems, such as a serious head injury and alcoholism, and include one man who is supported by social services because of poor mental health.

Police are now urging the public to contact them if the 31-year-old, of Inverness Road in Gosport, is seen speaking to vulnerable men.

Officers fear there could already be hundreds of victims who have not come forward because of embarrassment.

Darby pleaded guilty to three counts of theft and two of attempted theft at Portsmouth Crown Court on July 26 and was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

She was also given an Asbo preventing her from offering sex acts for cash in Hampshire.

She is also not allowed to go to Nyria Way in Gosport, or contact five men named in the order.

And Darby can no longer ask for or try to get cash or goods, which do not belong to her, from anyone in the county, except from family or a partner.

The order, designed to protect possible victims, will last for five years.

Sergeant Lesley Meenaghan, of Gosport police, said it is the first Asbo of this type in the county and that Darby’s actions were ‘despicable’. She said: ‘The victims were either vulnerable by way of age or mental capacity.

‘She gained their trust by flattering them, making them perceive that they love her and that she was vulnerable.

‘Some she entered into a “contract” with to provide sexual services for money, and then she would go back and not provide the “service” and would just steal their money.’

Sgt Meenaghan added one man in his 70s had agreed to pay Darby for sex. When he let her enter his home he then found her trying to take money out of his wallet. Not all of the men targeted by Darby had sex with her.

Sgt Meenaghan praised the men who came forward.

‘We’d like to thank all victims that have been brave enough to stand up and come forward as we appreciate how difficult the circumstances are,’ she said.

‘We’re happy these vulnerable people had the faith in the criminal justice system to stand up against her.

‘If there are other victims, they need to contact us.’


HAYLEY Darby preyed on men who may never have told anyone what happened.

But by standing up against the 31-year-old, they helped make sure she was sent to jail.

Now a 39-year-old victim, of Gosport, has spoken to The News on condition of anonymity.

He did not have a physical relationship with Darby but she had told him they were an item.

‘I feel like a mug,’ he said.

‘I feel disgusted and vulgar.

‘I hope that she gets the help that she needs inside. I haven’t got any malice but I’m angry.’

Darby was near his home early last year when the pair met.

‘She was downstairs waiting for someone,’ he said.

‘She got talking to me and was saying things about having a kid and struck up a friendship, a false friendship.

‘I now know that, the hard way.

‘I thought she was very pretty, very attractive ... I thought something could have happened.

‘It looked like we were a couple.

‘That’s what she said but we weren’t in a relationship.

‘She expected me to give her money, give her my benefit money.’

The man bought her things, including packs of cigarettes.

But he realised something was amiss after discovering she had stolen cash from his home.

He said: ‘She used me for my money, and to steal from me was the last point.’

‘It’s knocked my confidence and it has affected me quite dearly.

‘I’m trying to talk to someone about.

‘It’s all right talking to family but they don’t really understand.’

‘I suffer from anxiety... I’ve had to increase my security.’