Able Seaman is welcomed home by trooper twin brother in full uniform

FAMILY Soldier Richard Flawn welcomed his sailor brother James home.  (113940-418)
FAMILY Soldier Richard Flawn welcomed his sailor brother James home. (113940-418)
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THEY might serve in different services in the armed forces – but these twins share a passion for their country.

Richard Flawn, 21, is a trooper in the Household Cavalry in the army.

He wore full dress uniform to meet twin brother James, an Able Seaman who yesterday left HMS Liverpool after seven months at sea.

The siblings embraced on the jetty as their parents, grandparents and friends proudly watched.

Richard said: ‘I thought he would be wearing his uniform so why not put mine on as well?

‘It was really just to feel a part of something, with everyone together on the jetty and all dressed up.

‘I thought it would be right.

‘We are very close but we spend a lot of time apart.’

Richard added that the brothers always swapped stories when home together, but he wasn’t tempted to trade jobs with his twin.

‘Some parts of the navy sound good,’ he said. ‘But I like my job too much to change.

‘It think we are both just very adventurous and that’s what led to it.

‘We didn’t want jobs were you sit behind a desk all day.’

Their dad David Flawn, 55, added: ‘I am just very proud of both of them for doing what they do.’