Anger as Union flag goes up in flames

Detectorist Chris Belcher-Banes with the dog tag lost over 70 years ago during World War II that he found buried in a field Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency

Detectorist reunites family with dog tags lost durung the war

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ORGANISERS of a firework display have apologised after a Union Jack was burned in front of thousands of spectators.

The flag was placed on top of the bonfire, built by Petersfield Round Table members, at Bell Hill recreation ground in Petersfield.

Along with the bonfire, it went up in flames.

But some spectators said they found it distressing.

Maureen Feeny, 55, of The Mead, Petersfield, whose grandfather was a Royal Marine and died during the First World War, said: ‘He died for his country, not so (someone) could burn its flag, it made my blood boil.

‘The Round Table do great work but this has let our war dead and the town and the rest of the Round Table down.

‘It’s Remembrance Sunday this weekend, which makes it worse, a real shame.’

The Round Table has organised the display for the past 22 years.

Chairman of the group, Andy Guest, made an unreserved apology.

He said: ‘We totally understand how this could have been viewed as inappropriate.

‘The intention was to show patriotism, but we admit it was an error of judgment.’