Anti-war protestors gather in Portsmouth as MPs vote for air strikes in Iraq

Peace protesters opposed to military action in Iraq gather at Portsmouth Guildhall

Peace protesters opposed to military action in Iraq gather at Portsmouth Guildhall

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PEACE protesters gathered in Portsmouth last night to voice their concerns over the decision to start air strikes in Iraq.

Members of the Portsmouth branch of the Stop the War group gathered in Guildhall Square.

They held banners, placards and posters displaying their concerns over the action taken by the UK government.

Dave Fysh, 65, from Southsea is a member of the group.

He said: ‘We are really very opposed to this. Not because we agree with anything that Isil say or do. They have done horrible, terrible things.

‘But we simply believe that sending out the bombers will not help the situation at all.

‘It will make the situation far, far worse.

‘This is the third time in a very short number of years that the west has gone out to bomb Iraq and each time the consequences have been worse following the bombings. We really have to learn from this.’

Simon Magorian, 55, from Southsea is also a member. He said: ‘A lot of us wanted to come down because we were upset and angry.

‘This is counter-productive. I think it will cause problems for us.

‘We are stumbling into what could be another quagmire.

‘There’s a possibility there will be boots on the ground and we could be sending young men and women there to die.’

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